Carbon & Carbon Manganese Steels


BS3100: 1991


 A1 ASTM A27 Gr. 60-30 430 Structural, weldable mild steel.
A2 ASTM A27 Gr. 70-36 490 Structural, weldable mild steel.
A3 ASTM A148 Gr. 80-40 540 Structural medium tensile steel.
AW1 - - For blank carburising.
AW2 - 620  Good wear resistance and suitable for surface hardening.
AW3 - 690
A4 ASTM A148 Gr. 80-50 540 - 690 1.5% Mn steel medium strength, good weldability.
A5 ASTM A148 Gr. 90-60 620 - 770 1.5%Mn steel up to 4' section
A6 ASTM A148 Gr. 105-85 690 - 850 1.5% Mn steel, higher tensile than above up to 2.5' section.
ASTM A216 WCA  UNS J02502 415 - 585 Carbon Steels for pressure-containing parts.   
WCB  UNS J03002 485 - 655
WCC  UNS J02503 485 - 655
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