Castings for Many General Engineering Applications

Prototypes, low and medium batch quantities with speedy delivery is our speciality. More than 80 different steel alloys.

Valves, pump bodies, mixer blades, special purpose vehicle components and rolling stock, transmission parts and gears, stub axles, aerial rope-way components, crane runner wheels and brake drums, steel and aluminium coil processing (mandrel castings), rolls and roll carriers, bearing housings and Plummer blocks, ingot moulds, to name but a few.
  • Oil Refinery Re-heating furnaces.
  • Steel & Aluminium Production & Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Railway & Transportation
  • Press Tooling
  • Automotive Tooling
  • Aerospace Tooling
  • Gear and Transmission Industries
  • Heat Treatment furnaces & furniture
  • Special purpose & Military vehicles
  • Mining & Crusher Plant
  • Marine Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Gravity & Pressure Die Casting Industry
  • Chemical Processing
  • Hazardous area Lighting & electrical industry
  • Offshore construction, pipe & cable systems
  • Defence
  • Renewable Energy & Wave Power
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