30 Year Anniversary


Analysis of our furnace and ladle samples is brought right up to date with our brand new OES Metals Analyzer.

The SPECTROMAXx employs the latest state-of-the-art optical components together with innovative electronic technology. It is the fifth generation of this instrument to exclusively employ CCD detectors. Specially developed optics, with up to 15 overlapping detectors, cover the entire relevant wavelength range; enabling the selection of the optimal element wavelength for the given analytical application. A complete analysis requires an average of approximately 25 seconds. Control functions, such as the redeveloped diagnosis system and the ICAL system increase up-times while reducing the time and effort required for maintenance. The user friendly Spark Analyzer Vision Software simplifies operation and provides data management and archiving that includes statistics for measured values. The equipment is also networked, enabling faster turnaround for certification, back-up and data handling.


Micron commit to 30 year Anniversary, £250K investment strategy for 2018/19

The start of 2019 marks the 30th Anniversary of the company; our investment plans will ensure that we remain a world class Steel Casting manufacturer.

The rear yard area has been completely re-surfaced, and a new building erected to house the Heat Treatment Furnace, a temperature-controlled laboratory cabin featuring a brand new SPECTROMAXx OES Metal Analyzer and a clean inspection area.




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