Hairy Bikers film at Micron

The Hairy Bikers' Restoration Road Trip on BBC 2

Dave Myers & Si King along with a team from Arrow Media visited Micron in May this year.

The Hairy Bikers will be presenting a new 3 part series on BBC2 starting on 11th August 2013. Micron feature in episode 3 to be televised on 25th August.

Dave & Si were in attendance at Micron to help us manufacture a Steam Locomotive Wheel, the first of a set supplied to The Great Western Society Night Owl project. The casting was subjected to stringent NDT including Radiography in order to meet modern Network Rail standards.

More information about the project can be found here:




New Sand Mixer Installed

Sand Mixer

A new Triton TS2 high speed sand mixer has been installed by FMS at Micron. The mixer has a twin hopper allowing delivery of two different types of sand. The unit has a touch screen programming interface which provides simple control over pump settings.

The mixer will be used primarily for the manufacture of cores, the different sands and the resin/catalyst programmes will combine to gives us tremendous flexibility in terms of the variance of requirements from one core to another.


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