Artist Ryan Gander's "Dad's Halo Effect"

Micron manufacture four stainless steel castings for this stunning artwork in Beswick.

Designed to represent Manchester's industrial past and its sporting heritage, it is the work of globally admired artist, Ryan Gander.                 More information here

Stainless Steel Sculpture

photo: Ryan Gander

 Above: Ryan Gander, pictured alongside his work                                                                                            

Dad's Halo EffectThese giant chess pieces are situated nearby Manchester City Stadium and are set out in a check mate position. The castings provided quite a challenge to Micron as the flawless finish is not easily achievable from a sand casting. Low cost tooling was manufactured from our own 3D cad models and a method designed by our technical team to ensure the best possible surface integrity. The castings were machined before being expertly polished by our client Benson-Sedgwick Engineering Ltd


photo: Ryan Gander  


Arc Air

The "Queens Head" casting can be seen here in its raw condition having the head metal removed. The casting then went on for fettling and machining prior to being handed over to the client for polishing.










Micron celebrate 25 years in business

Micron Alloy Castings Ltd was incorporated on 10th March 1989.

25 years later Micron is still going strong. We believe that our success and longevity is due not only to our committed customer focus but also to our immense technical knowledge and experience. The applications for Steel castings are vast and varied and over the last 25 years we believe that we have seen and experienced most of them. Combined with enough initiative, knowledge, innovation and determination we have learnt that the process is incredibly versatile. We have met with many challenges in our time as a company and are prepared for many more; finding solutions to meet our customers needs as well as providing an environment for continuous improvement within, we look forward to the next quarter century with the same enthusiasm on which the company was founded. 

Stephen McMurray - Managing Director

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