Company Profile

Company Profile

Established in 1989, an independent, privately owned Steel Foundry, situated in the heart of the Black Country, Micron have been able to build upon a wealth of specialist experience in the manufacture of over 80 different Steel alloys.

We offer a versatile service to a vast range of end users.

Micron maintain a policy of continuous investment in production and process control, utilising the latest flow coating technology for self setting sand mould and core manufacture, cutting edge refractory solutions, modern induction furnaces and laboratory resources.

Our metallurgical expertise is always at hand to provide the best advice for material selection, casting design, heat treatment, and mechanical properties.

We pride ourselves upon not only our ability to produce a variety of steel alloys guaranteed to meet national and international standards, but also in the manufacture of 'custom made' alloys designed to enhance the specific physical property requirements of the application or project.


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