Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing

Computer aided manufacture enables us to machine pattern equipment, simple or complex from your 3D CAD data using 5 axis machining centres. Pattern and casting method design is incorporated into the model data enabling much faster and more accurate tooling production than via traditional methods.

Stereolithography technology offers the possibility of producing complex parts manufactured directly from 3D modeling software. Many materials can be used and Micron are currently involved with the development of this fascinating technology. We can produce a cast component in a matter of days from receipt of cad data. We can modify your CAD model file to incorporate our running and feeding systems and from this data a pattern model can be made and a casting produced in almost any alloy.

3D Printing can be used in the additive manufacture of sand moulds and cores negating the need for complex and expensive pattern tooling.

3D laser scanning can be employed in reverse engineering a model or an existing component with very quick lead times.

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